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GenAI Applications Customized for Various Educational Scenarios

Generate multiple choice questions with answer key and explaination based on any text

Quiz Generator

ChatPDF answers your questions based on the PDF file via smart information retrieval and summarization.


Data Agent offers smart data collection, analysis, visualizations and insights generation.

Data Agent

Engage with LLMs such as ChatGPT 4 and Llama 2 and learn prompt engineering through curated GPT prompts.





Everything necessary to get started.

  • 100 credits
  • 100M disk space
  • GPT 3.5 access only
  • Max file upload size limit (3 MB)
  • Community Forum Support



Everything in Starter, plus essential tools for GenAI professionals.

  • 1K credits (Unused credits rollover)
  • 1G disk space
  • Advanced LLMs (GPT 4, Llama...) access
  • Large file upload (up to 50 MB)
  • Community forum support + help center



Everything in Professional, plus advanced features designed for team collaboration and billing.

  • 3K credits (Unused credits rollover)
  • 10G team disk space
  • Unified team admin and billing
  • Token transfer among team members
  • Premium help center support



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Everything included in Team, plus a custom solution that includes:

  • Dedicated and customized high-performing servers
  • Custom system integration
  • Custom security, compliance, or SLAs
  • Advanced data backup and retention
  • Premium support with dedicated account managers

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